In Samoan manumâ is a name of a Many-coloured Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus perousii) [1, 2] and together with "void" it appears to be an anagram to (a short version of) my name Dima Naumov.

Usually I do not write much and the projects published here are those I worked longest on.


Settle dynamics—settleDyn for short—is a sedimentation process simulator. It is capable of generating loose sand-like structures from given particle forms and statistical distributions.
For detailed description see the settleDyn page.

Simulation of Laser-induced Thermotherapy

Diploma thesis on Modelling and Simulation of Laser-induced Thermotherapy and some presentations.
Diploma thesis

Differential Geometry scripts in German

Mitschriften der Vorlesungen "Differentialgeometrie von Kurven und Flächen" und "Differentialgeometrie von Mannigfaltigkeiten" gehalten von Ulrich Pinkall an der TU-Berlin in 2005.


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